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The Calgary Journal


In two years time, Calgary will be home to the new Indigenous Gathering Place. It will be a place for urban Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples dedicated to supporting Indigenous cultural practices.

Chris Turner locks his bike to a stand and walks into the Bike and Brew along 1 Avenue N.E. in Bridgeland. While there’s no snow on the ground yet, he is dressed for the cold and has to take off a few layers of clothing before he sits down to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Amy Campbell from Lloydminster, Alta., is a domestic violence survivor and knows first-hand the horrors of violent homes.

“I was young, I was blind [to the potential for violence], and I had no idea what was going on in my life because I had never seen abuse before,” Campbell told the Calgary Journal.

For the last five to 10 years, wildfires have caused a great deal of turmoil to those deeply affected. The Kenow fire for instance, greatly ravaged Waterton and left 30 per cent of the park burned in the summer of 2018.