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In January of 2011, a motion was submitted to city council to get rid of fluoridated water in Calgary. Nine city councillors signed the motion. It stated five reasons to stop fluoridating water. The motion was passed, with little professional recommendation or community consultation. The debate over fluoridating water has long been a heated topic in Calgary, dating back to as early as 1957.

Open-office design can present an array of challenges for employees, but for introverts, the wide-open layout can be especially harmful.

“We can’t put everyone in the same basket,” Alain Morin, a Mount Royal University psychology professor observes.

While the City of Calgary is expanding its use of beet juice to de-ice slippery streets, its use is by no means widespread due to infrastructure costs.
Transgender people are struggling to navigate Alberta’s complex medical system. Alberta publicly funds transition surgeries such as top and bottom surgery and require individuals to receive a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to receive funding.