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Since October of 2018, Calgarians have been living in a post-marijuana prohibition world. The momentum of cannabis legalization, a lengthy and tedious process, has led to retail shops popping up across the city, but there is still much to be understood about the city’s marijuana marketplace.

Even though Calgarians can put their recyclables in their blue bin for pickup, they still have to bring their bottles and cans to a depot to get their initial deposits back. That is, until now.

With the emergence of the app Skip the Depot, people now have the option to have their recyclables picked up and receive fair payment in return.

Two Canadian comedians, Ali Hassan and Dave Merheje, decided to transform their personal experiences with racial profiling into a comedy act they hope everyone can understand, relate to and laugh about.

They performed We Ain’t Terrorists at the SAIT campus Gateway Pub on Jan. 24, 2019.
Calgary’s Carewest Hospice performed their first medical assisted death a month after the program’s legalization in June 2016.

David Sawatzky, director of operations at Carewest, says that they “worked with each staff member to respect their individual perspectives and provide support and education.”

But not everyone is pleased with the legislation, including patients with mental health issues, long-term illness and diseases that will make them unable to consent on the day of death.