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Like many children of immigrants, growing up without her heritage language was normal for Katarina Daignault. When her Indo-Carribean mother and grandmother immigrated to Canada, they made a decision many do when they immigrate: to let go of the Hindi language and learn English.

Tuesday nights are now the new home for the Super Smash Social (the Social), a weekly event held at the Super Smash Café in northwest Calgary.

This year, dozens of young women gathered at the This Girl Can Expo in Calgary on Sept. 14 to become young entrepreneurs, selling everything from homemade headbands to robots. But, out of all the young talent, expo co-founder Robyn Miskic will never forget one girl due to the negative responses she’s had pursuing her art.

Following the UCP government’s appointment of party friends and insiders to the boards of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions, there was a brief period of public outcry and controversy. There are ways to make this selection process more democratic, such as publicly electing these boards, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest from the public in having a more robust conversation about potential changes.