Dr. Richa Love, the medical director for Harvest Medicine Cannabis Clinic in Calgary, said four out of every 10 patients are in the 55-plus demographic.

“I have a couple patients over 100-years-old, which is always interesting because when a 103-year-old walks into the clinic. I'm just thinking, ‘Wow, this is great,’” said Love.

“I think that seniors are probably the biggest growing demographic because of the conditions that they have that cannabis can treat for them."

Ukrainian InPhoto Final


During the first World War, Canada enacted the War Measures Act for the first time resulting in many Ukrainian immigrants being imprisoned and forced into hard labour against their will.

In January of 2011, a motion was submitted to city council to get rid of fluoridated water in Calgary. Nine city councillors signed the motion. It stated five reasons to stop fluoridating water. The motion was passed, with little professional recommendation or community consultation. The debate over fluoridating water has long been a heated topic in Calgary, dating back to as early as 1957.

Open-office design can present an array of challenges for employees, but for introverts, the wide-open layout can be especially harmful.

“We can’t put everyone in the same basket,” Alain Morin, a Mount Royal University psychology professor observes.