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Saeed Kaddoura went to school to become an engineer. However, at university, he found himself more curious about the environment. Throughout his time at school, he discovered two things: the environment was as risk and how a diversifying economy could help. Now, he’s trying to show people how to achieve that, at a leading think tank.

Over 300 people gathered at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary for the 23rd annual Wellness Walk on November 18, 2019. 

In the build-up to the United Conservative Party’s budget release on Oct. 24, many non-governmental organizations and non-profits across the province signed on to a “growing coalition” called Keep Alberta Strong. The initiative is focused on continuing to make sure the province’s most vulnerable are not affected by spending cuts.

Alberta has long been hindered by a low post-secondary participation rate – something education advocates have struggled to explain. But, while the United Conservative Party’s education agenda does include some investments for skills training, its budget cuts to universities are likely going to make the participation rate problem worse.