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Calgary teens seem more annoyed about losing their right to choose than losing junk food

An announcement from the Calgary Board of Education of a junk food ban, effective in January, has offended many Calgary teens.

Students said they are more upset at the insinuation they are incapable of making their own nutritional choices and less about what is being banned.

Community association head urges province to rethink answers to Calgary's transit woes

Picketts thumbDuncan Kent, president of the Lakeview Community Association, said he has felt plenty of unease since he took his post two years ago. City and provincial planners have put his community on the chopping block more than once, as the province continues to push for a resolution to the ongoing ring road debate.

Not all transit users are convinced program will be successful

Guthrie thumbCalgary Transit plans to implement a new way to pay for transit, but at least one transit rider isn't convinced this new system will thrive.


First post-secondary school in Alberta to get rid of plastic bottles

thumb SBigler Water1St. Mary's University College has become the first post-secondary institution in Alberta to eliminate bottled water sales from the entire campus.