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When the United Conservative government tabled its first budget back in October, it warned the budget would require belt-tightening by many in the province.

Meghan Ward grew up in Ontario and had never considered the mountains her home. But, after a few seasons spent working and living in Banff National Park during university, she saw an opportunity to make Banff her home and write about the mountain culture she cares so deeply for.
Vape shops across Calgary have taken a blow from reports of the vaping-related illnesses in the U.S and parts of Canada. As stricter regulations on vaping products approach, Calgary-based vape chain, Alt Vape, has taken matters into their own hands by engaging with the public about the misinformation surrounding vaping.

French swimmer Ben Lecomte recently completed an 80-day trip at sea, bringing attention to the impacts of plastics in the ocean. He swam over 550 kilometres to represent the 300 million tonnes of plastic waste produced each year. Lecomte and his crew will be in Calgary on Friday, Dec. 6 to speak about their findings and how to cut back on plastics.

While Calgary isn’t by the ocean, Lecomte says when it comes to plastics, our actions still have an impact.