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$15 million will go back to schools to help with recent cuts

Despite recent claims that the Calgary Board of Education is struggling to accommodate the nearly 1,300 new students enrolled this year, board officials are saying this isn't true.

Organizer says event exceeded expectations

Wilt thumbAround 2 p.m. on Oct. 15, chants such as "Why are we wearing Spandex? Because we care!" and "Who has a voice? They have a voice!" emerged from bike paths behind the Talisman Centre.

Calgarians gather downtown to have their voices heard

Neumeier thumb"Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world."

That slogan was one of many that could be heard echoing throughout downtown Calgary on Saturday afternoon as hundreds of Calgarians took to the streets in support of Occupy Calgary, a peaceful demonstration whose overall purpose and message is as varied as it is passionate.

The living dead still walk despite Occupy Calgary protest

Wither thumbZombies were spotted in Calgary over the weekend, as a mass group of slow-moving, undead bodies marched with empty eyes and emotionless expressions throughout our city for the 2011 Calgary Zombie Walk.

With blood drizzling down faces, and guts and bones dangling from bodies, the scene was like a horror movie come to life.