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More environmentally friendly transit system could cost up to $4 million

Berze thumbAs diesel fuel prices increase, Calgary alderman Andre Chabot hopes to convert Calgary Transit's bus fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas engines.

'Not in my backyard' declares one resident

Picketts thumbIn a resounding bid for the status quo, residents voted 157-10 against the subdivision of lots in Rosedale.

Local group helps convicted sex offenders re-integrate back into society

thumb Tracy WThere's a faceless man standing in line at the mall. Maybe he's been out of jail for a few weeks or so. He sees "the one."

The boy, barely 10 years old, is eyeing up the candy bars.

The man is excited, and not in a good way.

Newspaper defends publicizing sex offenders' names and photos

AA thumbnailsuncoverOn Sept. 15, the Calgary Sun published a front-page story titled, "Hundreds of convicted predators among us." The print edition cover featured pictures of 10 convicted sexual offenders released on parole.