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Successful redevelopment plan could usher in new era of community planning in Calgary

Picketts thumb copyYou get up, go to work, knock off a little early for a quick shower at home before you meet some friends at the pub before heading back home to rest for the next day. Sound familiar?

Here's the twist: you did it all by walking only a few blocks around the community you call home.

Too many of Calgary's historic buildings have seen the wrecker's ball

Taylor thumb copy copyHave you ever cherished something that was really old? Maybe it's a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation. Maybe it's old photographs, jewelry or furniture: items that help us connect with who we are today and where we came from.

Community association fee waived to increase membership

Hayhurst thumbThe Federation of Calgary Communities says that successful, healthy communities are generally those with active and sustained membership and involvement of community residents.

However, members of the Evergreen Community Association have identified community engagement as a challenge, yet one that they are planning to address head-on.

'Library of the future' opens after several delays

Visser thumbThe University of Calgary took another step into the future Oct. 20 with the opening of the new Taylor Family Digital Library.

Though faced with several mechanical and engineering issues that delayed the grand opening for several months, the newest addition to the U of C's campus is now open to students and the public.