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A look at one Calgarian's remarkable journey

Isak thumbChelsea Gillum, a 23-year-old Mount Royal University student, worked from December 2009 to January 2010 in Uganda as a social worker, and says her experiences there influenced her outlook on life and choice of studies.

Bypassing the university life is becoming more acceptable option for graduates

Quirico thumbHigh school students all over Alberta are logging volunteer hours and gathering their portfolios, transcripts and resumes to present to recruiters from post-secondary education institutions all over the world.

Other students, however, are logging work hours, putting together resumes and

A century-old neighbourhood works to keep its unique sense of home

Dixon thumbIt's a neighbourhood straight out of the movies: Victorian style houses reach for the skies, only to be surpassed by the century-old trees that shade front lawns and line the street's boulevards. The roads are a dream for any kid with a bike. The sidewalks are a never-ending highway for dogs taking their owner for a walk and kids trucking to school.

What goals are your representatives working towards achieving in 2012?

Boynton thumbA new year brings many things: new milestones, anniversaries, and opportunities to reflect on the year that was while looking ahead at what can be achieved in the coming 12 months.

As we move into the year 2012, Calgary's city council will have the chance to focus on a wide array of projects that will hopefully match the productivity they achieved in 2011.