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Community association working closely with residents and city to find a solution

Bigler thumbAs car horns honk, the high beams of headlights and drivers mouthing vulgar language can be seen and heard as passengers try to leave or enter the neighborhood of Auburn Bay.

It is 3:16 p.m. and residents along Seton Boulevard have been stuck in traffic for 15 minutes due to the construction around the new hospital.

Community association searches for resident help in adding amenities

Haahr thumbThe Kincora Community Association is trying to find volunteers to assist in adding some new amenities into their community.

Community features such as an ice rink and a community garden are in the association's plans, said past president and current board member Bruce Simpson.

Publication takes top honours at North American media convention

journalawardThe October issue of the Calgary Journal — the first to offer our revamped design and new sections based on research aimed at better engaging audiences — has been awarded Best in Show at the Associated Collegiate Press National College Media Convention in Orlando, Fla.

Crops yielding 25 tonnes per, said to be amongst best ever

pumpkinsAmidst concerns over a potential pumpkin shortage, Alberta government officials are calling this year one of the most successful growing seasons ever.