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Annual $20 tattoo day raises $1,300 for Animal Rescue FoundationTattoo

At 3 a.m. on Jan. 16, a lineup began to form outside of Gypsy Rose Tattoos. A group of nine friends took turns warming up in their vehicles while the others held their place. After six hours of braving the cold, everyone exchanged $20 and a few cans of dog or cat food for an appointment card.

Earn-A-Bike and Green Cyclers program teaches bike mechanics to youth

On a cold winter night, 11 children gathered in a warm shed to attend their first day at the Earn-A-Bike and Green Cyclers program with the non-profit organization Two Wheel View.

Adults can have fun with the little bricks too

thumb legotrain

It's a classic toy. And it's not just for kids.

Can you guess what it is?

It's Lego!

Leaving prosthetic legs behind, Chris Koch sets out to travel Europe for six months.

Koch Lake

As of press time, Chris Koch, 32 years old and all but three-feet, six-inches tall, is gallivanting somewhere around Europe. He leaves behind nearly everything in Alberta, including his friends, his family, and his prosthetic legs.