thumb Gina CarsWebWind chills reached upwards of -40 C this past week.

The work week started off with a quite a chill this past week as Calgary residents woke up Monday morning as cold arctic air swept across Southern Alberta producing wind chills of up to -45 C in some parts of the region.

Program offers classes for kids to play and learn with Lego bricks

thumb secara bricks4kidz

Samia Karim is waiting for her six-year-old son Omar Huq. Omar enthusiastically greets her as he stretches his arms straight out in front of his body, clapping his palms together in his best alligator impression.

Calgarian recounts half her life as sex worker


"I was two when it first started. I was in a car. I didn't understand why there was blood beneath me. A man was there, on top of me. I was too young to understand. So I closed my eyes."

Calgary Homeless Foundation employs former homeless to reach out to others

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You see them almost every day. Walking along, you try and turn a blind eye to the person lying in a heap of dusty rags and plastic bags.

You may avoid acknowledging that the dirty clothes, unwashed hair and rotting teeth actually belong to a person.