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Creative fundraising project helps AIDS programs for women and children in Africa

Thiessen thumbIf you think philanthropy is for the old, the experienced and the rich, think again.

Twenty-something Calgarian Tarin Arndt is proving that being a do-gooder is possible at any age. Just over a year ago, she founded a non-profit fundraising project called T4A Apparel, which supports women and children suffering from AIDS in Africa.

Local fundraiser aims to raise morale of Salvadoran flood victims

Northey thumbIt's a quiet and snowy evening in northeast Calgary, but the tiny kitchen inside the Whitehorn Community Association Centre is bursting with activity.

Every available surface is occupied by food: giant vats of soup sit between bowls full of simmering vegetables, and endless stacks of tortilla-like pupusas, a traditional Salvadoran dish, can be seen in every corner.

Runners come together to race towards a better future for Calgary families

Brown thumb copyOn Saturday, Dec. 3 at 10 a.m., people from across Calgary came together at Eau Claire Market to support vulnerable families living in poverty.

Their mission: to run either one or five kilometres for charity and raise funds for the Salvation Army in doing so.

Friend's diagnosis sparked determination to contribute to non-profit organization

Ip thumbOn any given day, Roseline Carter stands within a jumble of activity at the non-profit organization AIDS Calgary Awareness Association.

Among the daily tasks of supporting, counseling and working with those who are HIV positive, Carter was also adamantly involved with the preparations of this year's World AIDS Day celebrations, which took place Dec. 1.