Calgary Eats! educates city about creating more sustainable food system

yyceatsphoto1Inside Kensington's Ant Hill building, there was a flurry of Calgarians wanting to eat, drink and learn more about organically and locally produced food on Saturday, Jan. 28. Approximately 1,600 people attended the six-hour long event, Calgary Eats!

Many Bowness residents happy with park plan but plans for school building remains unclear

thumb PresentationBoards WebOptimized 20 120127 tabloid ConceptsOnly2WEBLand could be one of the most precious commodities in Calgary's continued growth. So when the city has 8.97 acres of land at its disposal, it becomes a hot-button issue for residents in the community.

The site of the former R.B. Bennett Elementary School in Bowness has remained empty and undeveloped since the city purchased the land in the spring of 2007. The property was purchased for $5.4 million with money from the Enmax Legacy Fund.

SETWAY first step towards new LRT line

thumb JSimpson SELRT WEBThe City of Calgary held the first of three information sessions in the community of Riverbend Tuesday to introduce a new plan to improve transit in the southeast.

The Southeast Transitway, or SETWAY, is a project to create bus-only lanes as the first step in building a LRT line through the quadrant.

Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative aims to address root causes seeking long-term solutions

thumb LHallet PovertyWEBWhat do we imagine when we think of the word poverty?

Some of us may visualize the panhandler begging on the street; the saxophone player guarding the pocket change in his precious instrument's case; the person inhabiting the dilapidated box on the side of the road.

But for one city alderman, there's more to the word poverty than just being poor.