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Calgary Homeless Foundation employs former homeless to reach out to others

thumb BodmanSmith

You see them almost every day. Walking along, you try and turn a blind eye to the person lying in a heap of dusty rags and plastic bags.

You may avoid acknowledging that the dirty clothes, unwashed hair and rotting teeth actually belong to a person.

Mount Royal professor develops cheap purification process

Roger Saint-Fort ThumbEarthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes have struck all over the world in recent years. Aside from the obvious devastation to the infrastructure, buildings and lives of those in the community, there is other damage that proves to be just as devastating but much harder to see: the lack of clean water.

Annual $20 tattoo day raises $1,300 for Animal Rescue FoundationTattoo

At 3 a.m. on Jan. 16, a lineup began to form outside of Gypsy Rose Tattoos. A group of nine friends took turns warming up in their vehicles while the others held their place. After six hours of braving the cold, everyone exchanged $20 and a few cans of dog or cat food for an appointment card.

Earn-A-Bike and Green Cyclers program teaches bike mechanics to youth

On a cold winter night, 11 children gathered in a warm shed to attend their first day at the Earn-A-Bike and Green Cyclers program with the non-profit organization Two Wheel View.