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Residents aim to make immigrants feel welcome in their community

Wither thumbAs the first snow hit Calgary, forcing many to pull out their thick winter coats, mittens and hats, many families were gathering inside Tom Baines School representing their cultures. Warm reds, oranges and yellows, mixing with vibrant blues and greens, filled the halls as many wandered through a sea of handcrafted paper Canadian flags.

Calgary leaders hope for good things from new culture minister

Semrau thumbAs Alberta's newest premier, Alison Redford struck a chord with constituent voters with her pledge to change health care and education.

Less well known, but still as important, is her stance on arts and culture in Alberta.

Smaller facilities one option being looked at, says interest-group member

Sato thumbThe recent news of the denial of public-private partnership (P3) funding from Private-Public Partnerships Canada was not only a shock to city officials, but also to the citizens who have spent countless hours on committees for proposed recreation centres in Calgary's southeast and northwest quadrants.

Creative fundraising project helps AIDS programs for women and children in Africa

Thiessen thumbIf you think philanthropy is for the old, the experienced and the rich, think again.

Twenty-something Calgarian Tarin Arndt is proving that being a do-gooder is possible at any age. Just over a year ago, she founded a non-profit fundraising project called T4A Apparel, which supports women and children suffering from AIDS in Africa.