Injured and neglected felines helped at MEOW Foundation

thumb hayhurst meowfoundationThe Make Each One Wanted (MEOW) Foundation is a Calgary-based animal rescue group that prides itself in its no-kill policy. This means that any cats that come through its doors will not be euthanized — no matter what.

Experts say the next few months are susceptible to cold snaps

thumb BenchCCWEBShe comes and goes as she pleases. You can't help but shiver in her presence. Some glare. Others rejoice. This winter, she's here.

She's La Niña.

University of Calgary team looks to defend championship title

thumb tobogganrace2012South Park, TRONboggan, Sesame Street and The Magic School Bus are just some of this year's team names for the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race — an annual competition for engineering students.

Policy critic says outreach programs a fine balance

thumb thomaslukaszukWith the spring sitting of the Alberta legislature starting this week, education will quickly become a focus as cabinet minister Thomas Lukaszuk introduces his newly-drafted education act.