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Following his passion leads Calgary man to success

thumb  DSC0013WEBAfter a lifetime spent in school, life after post-secondary education is a daunting concept for many graduating university students. Such was the case for local freelance video game developer Sean Dunkley, who attended the University of Calgary more than a decade ago.

How one inner neighbourhood spreads its heartbeat to surrounding areas

hillhurstsunnyside-thumbnailA hubbub of shoppers haggle for deals on yellowed books, vinyl LPs with faded covers and holiday ornaments from Christmases past.

From somewhere a familiar voice sings the blues from Folsom Prison. Food is served at the cafeteria — homemade lasagna and fresh baklava. Cheap entertainment resides on a five-by-two-foot table in the form of DVDs and CDs displayed in a collage of Hollywood and music.

Calgary facilities offer opportunities to gaze into the night and day skies

astronomy thumbnailIn the sky above our heads, a star dies; matter from a long dead galaxy collides in a dazzling display. Orbiting planets surround flickering stars, in the timeless balance of the spinning cosmos.

All these events may not be observable to the naked eye but Calgary has numerous facilities that will push your ability to see past the stratosphere and into this realm of space.

Calgary-Acadia candidate says Albertans unhappy with new legislation

thumb wildrosecoasterThe Wildrose Party is pledging to withdraw the new drunk-driving legislation passed by the Alberta legislature in December.

It was one of the key pieces of legislation passed by Premier Alison Redford since she took office last October.