Millennials have a bad reputation amongst other generations — they have been stereotyped as entitled, technologically dependent, job hoppers, and much more. Two millennials examine and explain these stereotypes deciphering the real meaning behind them and why they matter.

University life seems so exciting in the movies. From unpacking your brand new bed sheets to cooking your first meal alone, the possibilities seem endless. 

Whenever one culture imposes its definition of family on another, nothing good follows, says Peter Choate, a social work professor at Mount Royal University.

“I don't think we have a single example anywhere in the world where one culture-defining family for another culture has worked,” says Choate.

Take the Blackfoot language, for example, where there is no literal translation for certain family members that exist in western cultures.

Driving may now be a bit more complicated if pulled over for any reason, even if you’re not consuming any cannabis products, thanks to new legislation. But despite the new market, officers are relying on familiar field tests to check for impaired driving.