Since its introduction in 2016, Calgary’s green cart program has reduced the amount of food and yard waste ending up in landfills by 50 per cent.

Mount Royal University students noticed a gap in representation at the Calgary-Elbow candidate forum on March 28, but Alberta Party incumbent Greg Clark said this is typical of the United Conservative Party.

“It’s back to the old PC arrogance that lost them the election in 2015. Albertans see through it, and I think we deserve better than that.”

Hundreds of Calgary marchers gathered Thursday evening in Marda Loop to support strong gay-straight alliances in Alberta schools.

Amelia Newbert used a megaphone to decry the United Conservative Party’s education plan that could see educators report to parents their children’s involvement in GSAs.
Since October, Calgary has seen hundreds of hospitalizations due to the flu despite the vaccine being offered free of charge.