In the wake of tragic attacks involving dogs, canine aggression has become a controversial topic. Recent cases in Southern Alberta include the biting of a nine-year-old girl during her recess break and a grandmother being killed by her dog.

But Calgary’s K9 Force Working Dog Club is a group of professional dog trainers working to show the world that aggressive behaviour can be taught, controlled and restrained.

Bell Let’s Talk held its eighth annual event hosted by the Wellness Centre at Mount Royal University.

Toques, buttons and stickers were given away to bring awareness towards mental health in hopes to end the stigma. The event gave students and faculty the opportunity to write encouraging messages around mental health that were then stuck on the walls of the hall.

When J.R. Brooks’ back starting hurting in high school, he shrugged it off as just a bad back. He played many sports and thought he’d just sprained his back in a game of basketball.

The friendship and partnership between men and dogs are legendary, spanning across an impressive 26,000 years of history.