Calgary CourtHouseThe Calgary court house located downtown. This is where the drug treatment court operates. Photo by Christian Kindrachuk

Traditionally, people who have committed drug-related offences in Canada face criminal charges. However, the Calgary Drug Treatment Court can give offenders a second chance: an opportunity to receive rehabilitation, rather than penalization. 

The New Horizon Mall has commonly been plagued by its reputation as a “ghost mall.” Despite the negative press, businesses are continuing to pop up and all that’s needed now is for customers to catch on.

The 500-store shopping space located in the outskirts of Calgary has its share of patient business owners, who anticipate a busy season ahead.

Photo credit: Matthew Henry/UnsplashPhoto credit: Matthew Henry/Unsplash

Sex work is often viewed as a profession that both men and women have been forced into — a difficult choice when no other option is available. But this is not true for all sex workers. Kay, whose name has been changed for privacy purposes, is one such worker who feels that her work is meaningful and fulfilling.

Smoke from wildfires in northern Alberta covers the city on Friday, May 31. At 7:37 a.m. the air quality statement issued by Environment Canada for Calgary was ranked at 10+ which is a very high risk level and most dangerous for people with heart and lung conditions. Symptons include: coughing, throat irritation, shortness of breath and asthma.

news smoke skylineCalgary skyline as of 7:17am view from Scotsman hill Photo: Floyd Black Horsenews smoke skylineExtremely low visibility as forest fire smoke engulfs two office buildings on the corner of 8th Ave and 5th St. SW in downtown Calgary. Photo: Floyd Black Horse