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The art of Shindo, a weapon-based extension of the Wado Kai style of karate, was established by Hanshi Masaru Shintani in the early 1970s but it wasn’t officially recognized and taught within the Wado Kai karate style until the early 2000s.

Vinyl records were the dominant music format for most of the 20th century. The first popular form of phonographic record was the 78 record, named for its rotations per minute or RPM.

Herbalism has a long history with humanity but despite its’ history, there is still much to learn about the practice.

Beverly Wein, the owner of Sage traditions, started her company after receiving her education from Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.

Twice a year, Mount Royal University’s Student Association (SAMRU) hosts their Sex Toy Bingo event in order to promote safe sex and healthy relationships.