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Octavia Book Binding is proving this ancient art form is still going strong in the digital age

Hidden in a corner of downtown Calgary, the Octavia Book Bindery sits covered in remnants of words, leather and cloth – as any book company should.

However, this is no ordinary book company. Here book binders and their apprentices spend hours restoring, creating and selling books the old way. No machines work here, just passionate people.

Lyme disease is underestimated and often misdiagnosed, posing a serious threat to Canadians

It’s a puzzling disease with mysterious symptoms, and cases of the debilitating condition continue to rise. But it often goes misdiagnosed, leaving many suffering with no idea where to turn for help.

The joys of unconventional employment at Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours

Produced by Polly Eason

Sydney Smith is a 25-year-old dog musher working for the Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours in Camore, Alta. Despite the physcial demands her job requires, Smith says the bonds of love and respect she creates with the dogs make it an amazing and worthwhile experience. 

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Former gang member hangs up leather jacket in favour of Santa’s red suit

Produced by Allison Badger, Jill Battison, Victoria Pizarro, Laren Pritchard

The sound of jingle bells and children's laughter fills the air in Kensington on the weekend of Nov. 27. It marks the start of the holiday season and the familiar chortle of Santa Claus in his red suit is a welcome sight among children and adults alike.

But have you ever wondered about the man behind the suit? Meet Doug Craig, an instructor at SAIT, ordained minister and costumed Santa. But Craig has had quite the journey to get to where he is today.

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