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Calgary woman leaves poverty behind to start her own business

Produced by Madison Farkas and Cameron Perrier

The rich aroma of Jamaican jerk spices —pimentos, cinnamon, cloves and Scotch bonnet peppers — fills the air at Wings n Tings, Necole Hines' food stall at Crossroads Market. Hines bounces constantly around less than 100 sq. ft. of space. She pops a pan of freshly-made vegetable patties into the oven, then turns around to the stainless steel sink to wash as many dishes as she can in between cheerfully serving customers plates of patties, rice and peas and her signature jerk chicken wings.

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Chris Munstermann's health problems shaped his career as an acupuncturist

Produced by Jesse Yardley and Amara Mclaughlin

One man's family health struggles and loss of his best friend, have forced him to find compassion for himself so he can discover who he is.

Chris Munstermann, 32-years-old, grew up in the Deer Run area of Calgary, Alta. As a young boy, Munstermann faced a long line of hardships, which ranged from watching his best friend move away, to living with his mom as she battled cancer.

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Psychologists treat clients with a little help from their furry friends

By pairing clients with animals, registered psychologist Eileen Bona and the staff at Dreamcatcher Nature-Assisted Therapy Ltd., have helped dozens of people overcome developmental and social hurdles.

Most of the therapy animals at Dreamcatcher have had some kind of trauma or were donated from local residents.

Created in 2005, YouTube has become the way to share videos around the world, and some Alberta creators have been cashing in on its success

Ten years ago, the landscape of the Internet was a vastly different place. File sharing sites like Napster and Kazaa were on their way out, and something new was on its way in. On Feb., 14 2005, three former employees of PayPal changed the Internet forever. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim created a new way to share videos, YouTube.

This social media breakthrough started with a video of Karim at the zoo, looking at elephants. This simple video paved the way for the six billion videos viewed monthly on the site, according to