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Former gang member hangs up leather jacket in favour of Santa’s red suit

Produced by Allison Badger, Jill Battison, Victoria Pizarro, Laren Pritchard

The sound of jingle bells and children's laughter fills the air in Kensington on the weekend of Nov. 27. It marks the start of the holiday season and the familiar chortle of Santa Claus in his red suit is a welcome sight among children and adults alike.

But have you ever wondered about the man behind the suit? Meet Doug Craig, an instructor at SAIT, ordained minister and costumed Santa. But Craig has had quite the journey to get to where he is today.

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A lack of full time work is leaving local dancers with no choice but to relocate or work multiple jobs

Produced by Kate Holowaty

When it comes to making a viable living as a professional dancer in Calgary the options are few. Alberta Ballet employs 34 dancers for its annual season and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks employs eight dancers within their own professional company. Sarisa de Toledo is the artistic associate at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks who says, at the company, working more than one job is a reality.

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Local piercer says lack of standards the problem

Produced by Veronica Pocza

A well-known Calgary piercer, Dan Marshall of Heroes and Villains, says until the province cracks down on the quality of jewelry used by Alberta piercers, clients will continue suffering the ill-effects.

"Half of the junk that I take out of people has gaps that allow for bacteria growth and rough or unfinished edges from tool marks," says Marshall.

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Two Calgary pastry chefs are educating consumers on elegant treats

Produced by Allison Badger and Victoria Stey

North Americans are used to seeing desserts that are too big and too sweet.

Recently in Calgary, there have been more pastry chefs providing customers with European-influenced treats. High-end chefs suggest European inspired pastries, while not completely guilt-free, are more elegant, use higher quality ingredients, and leave people feeling good, and not like they've overindulged.

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