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Giving money may not be the answer to helping the homeless but there are other ways that you can help them get back on their feet. Produced by Amy Simpson & Jolene Rudisuela

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Mount Royal University won’t see any official changes regarding indigenous courses for another year or two, with full implementation expected by 2020.  
Produced by Nicole Auger

Indigenous courses as a requirement for graduation may be in the future for Canadian Universities, or at least for one Alberta University.

Nicole Bracey launched Salt Water Tea a year after she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Alberta College of Art + Design. Bracey creates gemstone jewelry and crystal infused candles and runs Greater Goods - an avenue for artists to sell their work locally all year round in a store setting. She answered a few questions on the time and work that goes behind her business. The Calgary Journal wanted to see the contrast between a conventional work week and the work week of an artist. Below is Bracey’s average week for her art and business.

Cliff Hendrickson is the owner of StickFix, a growing Calgary business that is committed to keeping carbon fibre sporting goods out of the dump. Produced by Cassandra Telford

Cliff Hendrickson wants to stick it to expensive hockey gear.