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This years Oktoberfest kicked off the first cask opening of Alberta Beer Week. The festival had over 500 local and international craft beers for attendees to sample.

Mark Kondrat, a managing partner of Alberta Beer Festivals said that Alberta Beer is becoming more popular. 

Ben Put’s love for coffee led him and his business partners to open Monogram coffee – and it’s only getting bigger.

Filmed and Produced by Robyn Welsh

Ben Put, Jeremy Ho, and Justin Eyford opened Monogram Coffee in 2014 to share their love of coffee. Their first location in Altadore was a huge success, so they decided to expand and open a second Monogram downtown in order to reach a wider clientele and get a taste of a faster paced environment.

After training dozens of new baristas and spending countless hours planning, their downtown location became a reality.

Jason 'that funny magic guy' is playing his cards right

Sauntering over to a table near the back of a southwest Calgary restaurant, he scans the area to ensure services are needed, then he asks calmly, not too obviously, if the patrons would enjoy a magic trick.

A recent study shows that Albertans are happier when sharing their life with a special

Despite the economic downturn that has hit the province hard in the past few months, a recent study has revealed that many Albertans have remained in high spirits. The Angus Reid Institute in B.C published a report in January on Canadians' overall happiness. They surveyed 150 Albertans and found those who were in relationships were happier than those not in relationships.