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Nicole Bracey launched Salt Water Tea a year after she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Alberta College of Art + Design. Bracey creates gemstone jewelry and crystal infused candles and runs Greater Goods - an avenue for artists to sell their work locally all year round in a store setting. She answered a few questions on the time and work that goes behind her business. The Calgary Journal wanted to see the contrast between a conventional work week and the work week of an artist. Below is Bracey’s average week for her art and business.

Cliff Hendrickson is the owner of StickFix, a growing Calgary business that is committed to keeping carbon fibre sporting goods out of the dump. Produced by Cassandra Telford

Cliff Hendrickson wants to stick it to expensive hockey gear.

The #Vanlife trend is allowing millennials to live small, wild and relatively free. Produced by Nora Cruickshank & Hannah Willinger

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What started out as a cold Sunday morning on Sept. 25 quickly turned into a warm fall day; perfect for running or walking a few kilometres, or in this case, as far as ten kilometres.