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A giant web of packing tape was developed in the +15 of Bankers Hall for the High Performance Rodeo in January. People walking to and from work, heading out for a day of shopping or simply passing through were able to experience this free installation and even become a creator. Produced by Sarah Allen and Sam Ridgway

City council approved the creation of the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee to explore the potential for Calgary to place a bid for the 2026 winter Olympic and Paralympic games. Produced by Tatianna Ducklow and Mason Benning

Local meatless restaurant provides a unique alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Produced by Anna Junker and Logan Peters

It’s a blistering cold February day, but Veg-In YYC is heating up in preparation for their lunch rush. Veg-In YYC is a new vegan and vegetarian take-out cafe offering a unique blend of meatless meals from samosa poutine to naan flatbreads, with a variety of toppings like potato, cauliflower and house sauce.

MRU Improvination helps students shake some stress off their backs through weekly club meetings. Produced by Mackenzie Jaquish

A study by Statistics Canada shows a 72 per cent growth in overall stress in university students from 2011 to 2014. But members of the Mount Royal University's (MRU) improv group, MRU Improvination, aren’t letting stress get to them.