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Seamstress sews for women with large busts

 Produced by Jasmine Han

Women with large busts often have a hard time finding clothes that fit their body type properly.

This is a common case Johnson deals with on a daily basis, as she describes the challenges these women face.

Aldona Barutowicz celebrates personal style in Calgary

Produced by Scott Kingsmith

People around Calgary may have spotted a flash of auburn hair, a glimpse of wide-rimmed glasses or a hint of red lipstick darting through the streets.

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Calgary pole-dancer raises her own self-esteem as well as her students'


Produced by Arielle Berze

As Heather Halls lifts herself up a pole in time to the music, her students follow her movements enthusiastically.

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'Eazy G' shares talent locally and overseas


Produced by Kian Sumalpong

Watching a video online on a beatboxer featured on France's Got Talent was what sparked Erick Gutierrez's interest in learning more about the vocal percussion.

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