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Wintery conditions challenge elite rowers

After almost a year of training, 17-year-old Calgary rower Karen Lefsrud is often unable to train outdoors because of the long winter months in Calgary.

Research tips when picking a breed

For some, getting a dog is all about how cute it is, or how it looks.

But experts say getting a dog should come down to how it will fit into an owner's lifestyle. That's why the Calgary Humane Society stresses that families do their research.

Ten-year collector shares his passion for shoes and restorations talent

Ceiling-high piles of shoes occupy Albert Myles Mejia's home. Estimated at 150 pairs, his collection ranges from Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Pumas and Reebok. Costing from around $100 to $250 each pair, the total retail value of his collection is about $30,000.

Community still searching for loved ones

Calgary Journal In Focus documentary aired on February 24, 2013 on CTV2 

On a briskly cold Thanksgiving Monday, Sandra Manyfeathers-O'Hara lays a bright painting of her sister across a park bench in Calgary's Beltline. Today would have been Jacqueline (Jackie) Crazybull's 48th birthday.

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