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Alternative to tattoo removal transforms old ink

 Produced by Roxanne Blackwell & Erica Pollock

Remember that "awesome" band back in 1988? They were so awesome, you were compelled to tattoo their logo on your back?

Twenty five years later, you're older, wiser, and pondering the wisdom of inking the words "Def Leppard" between your shoulder blades.

Your faded tattoo is "bringin' on the heartbreak," but removal seems like a painful and lengthy process.

Fortunately, there is another option: the tattoo cover-up.

Breastfeeding supporters say society slow to change

Several months ago, a verbal firestorm erupted on multiple social media and news platforms after a Calgary woman was asked to leave a Walmart store in southwest Calgary because she was breastfeeding her baby. Calgary Journal Healthy Living editor Shannon Galley recently explored the issue of public breastfeeding with several Calgary women.

Producer Calvin Maltin, industry professionals talk finding fame in film

Produced by Arielle Berze and Guillermo Barraza

Calgarians run on a nine-to-five work schedule. The colour and melody of arts and entertainment is mostly drowned out by the mechanical buzz of a labour system geared for efficiency.

Deep in the system, there are radicals who work to produce escapism through film.

Among them is 21-year-old Calgary independent filmmaker, Calvin Maltin.

Marly Rieger credits family's support to her success

Produced by Alyssa Quirico and Donella Swan

A Canadian figure skater has a 0.08 per cent chance of making it to the Olympics, according to statistics provided by Skate Canada.

Calgary teenager Marly Rieger, 14, hopes to become one of those Olympians.

"I just feel like I belong there," Marly said.

As of 2013, there are 2,441 competitive figure skaters registered with Skate Canada across the country.