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Disabled sports star giving back to the age that gave him opportunity


Leaning to get underneath the seven-foot entrance of Master's Academy gymnasium is how Greg Stewart approaches every doorway.

At 7'2", Stewart is anything but shy and always commands attention when stepping into a room, with his broad physique and confident personality instantly starting conversation.

However, what you may not notice right away about the 26-year-old is that he only has his right arm.

Thousands fled Venezuela labelled as "traitors"

Produced by EVA COLMENERO 

It's February 2003.

My dad receives a call from his boss late at night, who indicates there's a search and seizure warrant with my dad's name and our address written on it.

My father is a suspect in hacking the state's oil company during Venezuela's nation-wide strike. The reason — he has a company laptop in his possession.

Young welding extraordinaire promotes work through unique business


An Okotoks high-school student is creating sparks in the local art scene.

Kalen Wolfe, a 19-year-old grade 12 student, has been welding household items, such as forks, spoons and knives, and turning them into unique art pieces that are being sold in Calgary.

A specialty store in Inglewood, called reWORKS, has one of Wolfe's cutlery crocodiles on display.

Lara Presber dishes on developing her 'signature' style

Produced by Roxana Secara

"You can definitely say it's a bit of an addiction," says Lara Presber in her studio.

While she shares the space with two interior designers, it's a perfect resemblance of her passions: a mix between interior design and architectural elements surrounded by mannequins, materials and sketches of dresses.