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In 2016, Calgarians contributed 62 per cent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions from simply heating, lighting and operating their homes. But a newer type of home, a net-zero home, is changing the way environmentally conscious homeowners live.

Tattoos often have negative connotations associated with them, and can be seen as unprofessional, however, a recent increase in popularity has changed the conversation surrounding tattoos. They have been increasing in popularity for the past several years. 

For some makeup is a daily staple, while for others the idea itself is a foreign concept. From makeup artists to the average person everyone has their own steps, rules and techniques to follow. 

The Glenbow Museum’s library and archive reading room have been a popular spot for Calgarians, tourists, and local researchers for decades. But, the archives are now under new management as the rich collection of history recently made the move to its new home at the University of Calgary’s Taylor Family Digital Library.