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Quebec football has been an absolute powerhouse in the last several years because of a mandatory vocational college system and financial backing by the province’s athletic excellence foundation. Despite strong support from its CFL teams, Alberta’s lack of pre-university programs and government funding has seen Alberta football on the losing side of several championships.

It all started with a sign on the side of the highway. Now, Canadian skeleton athlete, Madi Charney is a top prospect from the upcoming Winter Olympics. But, due to a cut in government funding, Charney — like many other athletes — is struggling to support herself while training.

On March 10, 2017, Mount Royal University students gathered for a very special dodgeball tournament for the One Ball club and charity. The event was held to raise money and awareness about testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer is common in young male adults, but is not acknowledged as much as it should be. One Ball charity wants to raise awareness to increase early diagnosis.

Three amateur athletes reflect on their mentors and explain what makes them great.