The hardest thing for Michelle Taylor was having to continually say no to her nine-year-old son, Isaiah, who just wanted to play hockey. It’s not that she didn’t want him playing the sport, it’s that – like many other families – she simply couldn’t afford it. It wasn’t until Taylor came across KidSport online and applied for assistance, that she was able to enrol her son in his favourite sport.

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, Nicki Perkins relies on a variety of medications and tablets, chest physical therapy and an oxygen tank to get through the day. Despite this, the 45-year-old owns a CrossFit gym and works out as much as possible, inspiring those around her.

A University of Calgary psychology professor stresses the critical importance of recognizing extreme power imbalances between coaches and athletes.

Lorraine Radtke explains when coaches, doctors and administrators are given a position of power they have a level of authority that puts athletes in a place of great vulnerability that can directly affect their ability to compete. 

“If they are still athletes, they may be concerned about their reputations and futures in the sport,” Radtke says.


With that fifth, higher-pitched beep, Broderick Thompson launches out of the start gate and past the TV camera with one strong push of his poles into the foggy abyss below him on Lake Louise’s “Tickety Chute”.