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At the age of 10, Zak Madell was diagnosed with a life-altering illness. However, Madell has made the most of  the unfortunate event,  he devoted himself to sports and has become a Paralympic athlete.

Medical professionals estimate that about 50 per cent of concussions go unreported. Concussion experts say this is due to the many misconceptions about concussions, especially among young athletes.

Summer is a time for being outdoors and having fun with friends and family, a great opportunity to get the kids outside and exercising.

And yet, every year between May and September there is an average of 37,683 sport and recreation injuries in Alberta. Each month saw more than 7,500 summer sports and recreation injuries.

Quebec football has been an absolute powerhouse in the last several years because of a mandatory vocational college system and financial backing by the province’s athletic excellence foundation. Despite strong support from its CFL teams, Alberta’s lack of pre-university programs and government funding has seen Alberta football on the losing side of several championships.