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Recently, there has been major emphasis on the tracking, prevention and treatment of concussions in professional sports. Likewise, U Sports Canada — the body that governs university sports in Canada — has taken some steps to protect its athletes.

The Alberta Junior Hockey League is one of the top junior leagues in Alberta, but the league is having a tough time attracting fans in the province’s largest city.

Calgary has two teams in the AJHL, the Calgary Canucks and the Calgary Mustangs. The Canucks have been playing since 1971 and the Mustangs joined the league in 1990.

It’s June 15, and the Friday night rodeo is about to begin. A heavy downpour has turned the outdoor corral into slippery mud, but the competitors aren’t disheartened.

University students have a lot on their plates. Full course loads, living away from home for the first time, social life and work all conspire to deprive students of their time. But anyone who thinks they have a lot going on, hasn’t met a student who has to balance academics and a job to sustain themselves on top of being a top-tier varsity athlete.