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Viral video showcases women's downhill longboarding

chiara-poscente-longboard-tbMost people, when thinking of hurtling down a long and winding road on a longboard, would probably balk at the idea. Those still interested would ensure that their body doesn't end up getting torn to ribbons and would dress accordingly.

 It takes a special breed to ride down a hill wearing shorts and a bikini top. Chiara Poscente, an avid longboarder and recent online viral sensation happens to be one of those crazy few.

P1010118Hockey Calgary motions to make game safer for kids

On March 29, Hockey Calgary announced that board of executives had put forward a motion to remove body checking from peewee level hockey, therefore delaying it until bantam level play.

Henn OvertimeReschedulingCalgary Minor Hockey rescheduling overtime indicative of ice situation

The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in 1996 in triple overtime. The Dallas Stars did the same in 1999. More recently, Patrick Kane won the Stanley cup in overtime for the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010.

TightTurnNew accessible boards at Canada Olympic Park one feature helping teams play

Sixteen-year-old Harrison Orpe said he has always wanted to play hockey.

But the teen has been wheelchair bound since birth, and he was on the sidelines watching his twin brother, Mitchell, play.

"I found sledge hockey when I was about seven years old — and I fell in love with it," Harrison said.