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Tim Carter has never had any formal lessons in music. Despite this lack of training and some early encounters with stage fright, he is now part of a cover band that finds success performing on various national stages.

Curtis Van Charles is part of a crowded scene of landscape artists. But he manages to stand out with his hip-hop inspired Cubist painting technique, allowing him to become a well-known Calgary artist and an advocate for the great outdoors.

When Carolina Vasquez-Lazo was growing up, she found it difficult to not see herself or many other people of colour represented in the media. But now, as a young photographer, she is trying to change that lack of diversity, while sharing her personal experience with trauma to help others.

“Being a person of colour is hard,” Vasquez-Lazo explains, noting that the feeling of not being represented in the media is alienating and isolating.

“The stuff that I grew up watching was so much of, well, not me,” Vasquez-Lazo recalls. “It was so hard to see myself, my friends and my family (not) represented.”

Calgary’s Roy Smith grew up expecting to become a farmer but after a tragic accident that left him paralyzed, he has adapted — which has included taking up a career as a bookkeeper.