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It is almost unheard of for people to take tests outside of school, let alone to keep a job, but at Untitled Champagne Lounge, it’s a monthly event.

Before new employees begin working at Untitled, they must complete two to three weeks of training, followed by an intensive 300 question exam. Rather than firing those who don’t pass, the owner, Nathan Newman, takes the time to help the new employee become more knowledgeable in the areas they struggle with.

Danielle Gordon already has a successful career as an optometrist, but saw an opportunity to raise awareness about children’s vision issues and create a project that connects kids with books; promoting the many benefits of reading.

Marshall Vielle was sitting in his bedroom last month, vanity full of makeup, about to start preparing for his drag show at a local Forest Lawn pub.

As soon as you open the door of Tavernetta, you can already smell the fresh bread, catch laughter from the staff and hear the old R&B music on the stereo. Modern paintings and pictures from local artists are displayed on the walls. It is Thursday afternoon and the staff are getting ready for dinner.