At home with Calgary's creative art collective

lsthumb2The greatest artists of our time all had eccentric tics.

Leonardo Da Vinci slept in 10-minute bursts, Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear and Andy Warhol obsessed about cats. The core collaborators for a group of Calgary designers and artists toss playing cards.

Local artists donate Springbank home, land and studios to Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre

artthumbA botanical wetland marked with celebrated sculptures, a home-turned-art-gallery, a centre that marries art and culture, and — if all goes to plan — a welcome destination for national and international artists.

The newest addition that pays homage to the Calgary contemporary art scene aims to offer all of the above, and more.

Young hip-hop artist releases mix tape after receiving support and mentorship from Boys and Girls Club of Calgary

hiphop2thumbGenelva Gibbs, stage name Jaynova, pulls the mic close to her face.

The words spill out passionately. Though she's in a small vocal booth in a basement at the Beltline Youth Centre, she raps as if it were for a stadium full of fans.

Calgary fashion designer talks inspiration and loss while pursuing her dreams

Nina Rahal-Kharey sketching a dress designIt did not take long for Nina Rahal-Kharey to develop a passion for fashion; her parents were both in the clothing-manufacturing business.

Rahal-Kharey, who graduated several years ago from the University of Calgary's engineering program, sits in the basement of her Calgary home.