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Supernatural abilities, however,  not used by RCMP in any capacity

PatriciaPsychic3thumb copyIncense. Candles. Pendulums. Crystal balls.

While these objects may seem foreign in our daily lives, they are but a common sight for Patricia Monna.

Monna is a psychic practitioner who assists law enforcement in solving missing persons cases. She is also the owner of Our Angels Center for Well Being, a local psychic shop in Marda Loop.

Don-ChairyTommy Fleger is known for creating one-of-a-kind chairs out of recyclable materials in order to transform the old furniture into a specific persona; whether it's that of a rock star, businessman or hockey hero Don Cherry.

weismiller transitmicDespite success, Transit remains humble and hungry

Daniel Bennett plays by his own terms.

At home with Calgary's creative art collective

lsthumb2The greatest artists of our time all had eccentric tics.

Leonardo Da Vinci slept in 10-minute bursts, Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear and Andy Warhol obsessed about cats. The core collaborators for a group of Calgary designers and artists toss playing cards.