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The Calgary Journal


A trio of Calgary artists thrive in their businesses by offering unique services, despite competition in their respective fields.

The artists discuss their creative work, different aspects of competition and how they deal with it in their distinctive industries including target, mindset and approach. They also offer advice to those who may want to get into an art business.

It’s late afternoon on a Friday at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Despite the warm weather in late February, the trails are in excellent condition. Jenna Sherrington is preparing her skis, poles and .22-caliber bolt-action rifle for training.

Laila Khelawan always struggled with her skin, having eczema on her arms and legs and sometimes on her face.

For years, Khelawan tried to find the “perfect” product that would moisturize but not inflame her eczema. She discovered that some brands are advertising a product as “organic” but according to the ingredients, it was a misleading claim.

Tim Carter has never had any formal lessons in music. Despite this lack of training and some early encounters with stage fright, he is now part of a cover band that finds success performing on various national stages.