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From drumsticks to clippers, former Road Hammers musician does it all

JunoMen in Calgary are starting to look a bit more polished. The streets are filled with fantastic fades and breath-taking beards. From greasers to hipsters to punks, rock n' roll barber Corbett Frasz is the man to see if you want a killer cut.

Frasz said he knew that if a barbershop were to be named after him, he would have to be one of the best. Oddly enough, the small shop is located inside of Maddpretty Professional Makeover Studio on 12th Avenue and 7th Street S.W.

Amidst bright pink walls and women getting preened and primped by hair stylists and salon specialists, is Frasz's "man cave," a small room filled with guitars, music posters and a television blasting rock concerts.

Retired accountant is creating functional works of art

IMG 5107thumbUgo Crecco is in his kitchen. A wrapping machine — used to make both the wraps that hold the guides in place as well as construct intricate weaves — sits on his kitchen table. He made it himself. He's holding a half-finished bamboo fly rod.

The taper — the decreasing width of the rod from handle to tip — consists of six triangular strips of bamboo, carefully glued to form the body of the rod. Towards the tip, the six sides are so thin and the glue lines are nearly invisible that it appears to be one solid piece. He said the dimensions have to be precise to 1/1000 of an inch.

While it takes a tremendous amount of effort to craft a bamboo fly rod, the benefits are felt in the integral function of a rod — the casting. Crecco said that he loves bamboo fly-fishing because of the casting ability and smoothness of the rod.

Former adventurer succeeding in the business field in Calgary after life of expeditions

Clarke1thumbJamie Clarke has traded in the experience of being on the side of a mountain battered by bone-chilling winds for the steady confines of a warehouse and office.

After adventures in over 40 countries, Clarke finds himself indoors as he works between his two flourishing businesses in Calgary: Out There and

"I learned early on that to be a successful adventurer, you've got to be good at business," Clarke said. "You have to figure out a way to pay for your adventures. At an early age, I began to realize I have to figure out how to fund my trips, so I had to learn the business of adventure."

An "adventrepreneur" is someone who creates or runs a business that focuses on adventure gear and experiences. Clarke clearly fits into this mold.

Having a sense of humour isn't all that it's cracked up to be

Emily picture 1Almost everyone claims that a sense of humour is the most desirable trait in his or her romantic companion, but Emily Seymour, a female comedian claims this is not the case.

Seymour, a student at Red Deer College studying theatre performance and creation, was born and raised in Calgary, Alta. She has performed with improvisational groups around the city, and as a solo act at clubs including The Laugh Shop Comedy Club and the Loose Moose Theatre Company.

Seymour says that, "men want a woman who will laugh at their jokes."

She has had this idea about men for a while now. Seymour has come to the conclusion that all funny girls are single.