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Millennials get a bad reputation sometimes but three of Calgary’s MLAs are breaking some of those generational stereotypes as the youngest elected officials in the city, each one born after the 1985 coming-of-age movie, The Breakfast Club.

Elegantly waving, practically royalty in her own town, Diamond Dolly was one of the many prominent sex workers in Calgary during the early 1900s.

Gwendolyn Richards, a well-respected journalist, was met with her most challenging story of her career, her own. With an economic depression in full swing, Richards was laid off in 2016. Now, she channels her passion for writing in another direction — food blogging.

As an elementary school teacher, Debbie Baylin loved show-and-tell with her students. She liked how her students learned and interacted with each other through stories and pictures that meant something to them outside of the classroom.

It was while Baylin spent many days sitting in the Foothills Hospital with her close friend Patti Hronek, who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of bone cancer, that she realized the hospital room they resided in for so long could benefit from a little show-and-tell.