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How Royal Princess Parties brings magic to Calgary.

Once upon a time, in a Calgary coffee shop far far away, a girl stopped at a Starbucks and her life changed forever. Her name was Makenna Llewellyn, and in that coffee shop was a poster advertising Royal Princess Parties.

Sports games, dance recitals, math homework, birthday parties and playdates. These activities may not seem like much to the uninitiated, but children are some of the busiest  people on the planet and parents are often in charge of their scheduling.

Now throw in being a member of a daily rehearsing band with eight members of the family all playing and performing together and you have the Canji family, also known by their band name, Lightning Ant.

At the age of nine, John Canfield knew he wanted to pursue a career as a professional dancer. However, his first-ever performance could have deterred him from taking the stage for good.

Fourteen years later, Canfield is serving his third season with the Alberta Ballet in Calgary, Alta.

She’s in a foreboding forest shrouded in tall pine trees and thick branches, illuminated only by the moon’s pale blue light. She’s alone — at least from anything human. Her eyes scan the scene in a frenzied panic while her hair is covered in snow. She frantically checks her watch and then looks in front of her, meeting the glowing yellow eyes of what she’s searching for. The monster has no facial expression, but it’s clear they have a past.