From a very young age, Rylan Woodman was tinkering with businesses of all different sorts.

“We used to sell and make pasta sauce, skate wax, Fingerboards… tech decks were the sort of stuff we made. Me and [my former business partner] had just been selling stuff from a really young age so we kind of knew how to do it,” Woodman says.


It’s 2018 and the Calgary Stampede Park saw millions of visitors over the weeklong event. For the last 40 years, patrons of ‘the greatest show on earth’ have had their boots crafted by the Alberta Boot Company. The company prides itself in making quality long lasting boots and manufacturing the boots here in Calgary at their factory in the city’s southeast.

Though the genders are becoming more equal, in the music industry Samantha Savage Smith has noticed that feminism is needed “now more than ever.”

As a female singer-songwriter, Samantha Savage Smith has faced some disadvantages in the music industry. Despite those challenges, she’s continuing to find her way as a feminist in her music, and establish herself in a male-dominated industry. 

Alex May never thought she would create her own business but when she saw the need for more early literacy programs, she decided to open Rhyme and Reason Early Learning, a preschool in Northland.