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For many, the choice to attend college or university is more a chore than a privilege, but for Evan Trotchie, a 22-year-old Mount Royal University student, it’s a chance to escape his past and reinvent himself.

Dressed with vegetable spread and olive oil, the Spolumbo’s Special stuffs lettuce, tomato, prosciutto, mortadella, salami and capocollo between a fresh Vienna bun with provolone cheese. The hefty and flavourful sandwich is a fan favourite, but co-founder Tony Spoletini used to be embarrassed by it.

“They say independence is a big word, and it is indeed. It changed my life when I got the dog.”

Born with Usher Syndrome, Diane Allard found herself blind and hearing impaired by 38. But, after getting a guide dog, she regained her independence.

Steve Fisher was always interested in the arts, but deciding to pursue a career as a lawyer didn’t change his passion for music. Since his retirement, Fisher has been honing his musical skills; performing, traveling with bands and teaching acoustic guitar.